How to Get Your Own .tez Domain | FAQ

Answers to common questions you may have about registering .TEZ domains.

How to Get Your Own .tez Domain | FAQ

updated August 10th, 2021

But what is Tezos?

You should check out Wikipedia for an actual answer, but since you asked: Tezos ($XTZ) is a cryptocurrency that launched in 2018. It's got a number of advantages over Ethereum-based chains but it's lagging behind in terms of infrastructure and amount of money in the ecosystems.

What's a .tez domain?

It's a good, clean way to share your Tezos ($XTZ) wallet address with other people. I can tell someone to send XTZ to klick.tez instead of something like tz1eeq85Mq5Ypi19Rs-CWgc3QtzHKE4NnkjKR.

Why doesn't anything show up when I type [example.tez] into a web browser?

Because it's not a normal TLD like a .com, .net, or even an .xyz. It just shortcuts a long and difficult to remember Tezos wallet address into a sharable link in a format that everyone is accustomed to, more or less. The .tez address is not a URL.

Can I put a website on my .tez domain?

Maybe, eventually? Look at the .eth namespace to see what they've done. There are ways to upload a website onto IPFS and have your .eth domain point towards that, but it's not widely supported yet. I would expect .tez domains to follow a similar trajectory.

Here's a nice post from the Brave team about their plans for this crypto+domain space.

How do I get my own .tez name?

Visit and search for the name you want. If it's available you'll have to pay a small fee of about 10 cents to signal that you intend to register the domain. Once that transaction goes through, you'll then get the option of paying 1 Tezos to register the name for a year, but you can choose to register for a longer term if you want as well.

What is a reverse record?

Instead of an app or website displaying the actual wallet address like tz1eeq85Mq5Ypi19RsCWgc3QtzHKE4NnkjKR it could display klick.eth
instead. Not every app or website will support reverse records, but it's a nice touch if it's available. Here's a screenshot to illustrate.

this is what it looks like without a reverse record assigned to your wallet address
now you can see the Tezos.Domains page reflects the .tez address. 

What is a subdomain?

Let's say you own wallets.tez and my friend John wanted to use john.wallets.tez, I could set him up with a subdomain. I can even assign ownership of the subdomain to John so he can change what john.wallets.tez points to if he needs to change anything later, or switches wallets for some reason.

In the second picture below, there's 3 fields to pay attention to. Label is the name of the subdomain. Since I entered klick in the label field, when I add this subdomain, it's going to be klick.example.tez. The second field says domain owner. Whichever wallet address that is in the domain owner field will be able to make changes to which address the domain points to.

So the address that the domain points to doesn't necessarily have to be the same address as the owner. Subdomains will show up on the dashboard like regular domains if you're the owner of it. Owners of the parent domains will always be able to delete/modify the subdomains, and you can create subdomains of subdomains, although I'm not sure how many levels deep you can go.

How do I re-list a domain I purchased for sale?

I don't know. There's not a robust marketplace for it yet and I don't know if the Tezos Domain folks are going to let that happen. You could create an NFT and use that as a token to show ownership but there's not an escrow service to support that yet so you have to rely on the honor system for the time being.

Update: as of August 10th you are able to relist your Tezos domains on! Come and take a peek at what I have up for grabs. All offers considered!

But if you're interested in purchasing cryptos.tez hit me up on Twitter.

I'd like to send you a tip. What's your .tez address?

Thanks for asking!  It's klick.tez. However, since not every wallet and exchange will necessarily support the .tez domains right away, it's also available at:


I hope this was helpful.  @klickdotdev.