Hic et Nunc Help & FAQ

A few pointers, tips, and answers to questions that commonly come up for Hic et Nunc users. Updated 8/4.

Hic et Nunc Help & FAQ

[updated August 4th, 2021]
Here's some items that may prove to be useful for people. Let me know via Twitter if there's something I should add/clarify/remove. Thanks! đŸ¤˜

1. Sync your wallet to Hic et Nunc

Some people have had issues with this, but this .gif should show you how simple it is.

Click here to see a .gif of syncing your wallet to HEN

2.  Send an NFT using Temple Wallet

  1. Go to the "Assets" tab inside Temple Wallet. It's to the right of where it says Delegation.
  2. Find the token you'd like to send, and click on it. If you have a large collection it can be challenging to find them, so I would recommend just searching for the particular item.
  3. Hit the big "Send" button after you've selected what you want.
  4. Put the wallet address of the person receiving the item.
  5. Submit the transaction
Click here to see a .gif of sending an NFT with Temple

3. Why aren't my NFTs showing up in my wallet?

If you have the NFT listed for sale on Hic et Nunc, that means the NFT is no longer  inside your wallet like they would have been after minting. Think of HEN as a storefront in this scenario. It's tough to buy things at a store if the product isn't there!

4. Can I cancel just 1 copy for sale if all editions are available at the same price?

No. When you cancel an OBJKT that's for sale, it cancels all of the copies that are also for sale at that same price. If you mint 10 copies, and put all 10 up for sale for 2 tez, However, if you had, for example, 8 copies available at 1 tez, and 2 copies available at 5 tez, you could cancel the two copies at 5 tez, and then swap one copy back. It is for this reason that I encourage creators to maybe keep a spare copy if they see themselves wanting to gift some copies.

5. Really?


6. Register an .XYZ domain and forward it to your Hic et Nunc page

Here's a short video (3 and a half minutes) that shows how to register a domain name and point it towards your Hic et Nunc profile. Most people have been using .XYZ domains because it's similar to XTZ, the ticker abbreviation for Tezos. The .xyz domains are also popular because they're usually no more than $1 to register for an entire year.

7. How can I track Hic et Nunc sales?

OBJKT #46415 allows you to enter the OBJKT number and it will give you a list of every transaction involving that specific item. OBJKT #59369 allows you to enter a wallet address and it will list their transactions.

hicdex.com is my preferred method these days though.

8. Can I collect more than 1 OBJKT at a time?

No. Not anymore, it seems. It used to be possible, but with one of the more recent updgrades to the smart contracts, that no longer seems to be the case.