Hic et Nunc Help

Hic et Nunc Help

Here's a few things that might be useful to other people

1: Sync Wallet to Hic Et Nunc.

Click here to see a .gif of syncing your wallet to HEN

2: This is a .gif showing how to trade a token out of your Temple wallet and send it to another address. Make sure you're in the assets tab of the wallet, scroll down until you find the specific thing you want to trade, select it, send, then paste the receiving address in, or type it if you're a sadist. After the transaction has been submitted there's that little arrow button pointing to the upper right: click on that button and it'll open a window on one of the blockchain explorer websites and you can refresh that new page in order to check on the transaction status.

Click here to see a .gif of how to send a token from your wallet to another wallet or Tezos address.

3: Here's a short video under five minutes that shows just how easy it is to register a domain name and point it towards your Hic et Nunc profile. Most people have been using .XYZ domains since it's so close to XTZ, the abbreviation for Tezos.