George Floyd Memorial Square

I visited the George Floyd Memorial Square in July and took a few pictures.

George Floyd Memorial Square

I stopped at the George Floyd Memorial Square back at the end of July. It was pretty incredible to walk around and take it all in. The amount of artwork and tributes to George and the rest of the victims across America were really awesome. I struggled to get more than a few really good shots, the lighting was challenging for me here. But I think I got some good ones, and I'm happy that I got there before that piece of shit Daniel Michelson vandalized it.

This group of photos was more heavily filtered/edited than I normally would because I don't really know how to operate my camera that well, and a lot of these were pretty dim and dark. Mostly exposure and contrast edits, but I did play around with the other Lightroom sliders more liberally than normal here.

I also recorded a short video of all the names that had been memorialized on the street. Incredible that we can fill an entire block with the names of victims in this country. (I'm not sure why it doesn't show up on mobile right now. I'm new to using Ghost.)

Solidarity with Palestine

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